The development trend of Composite Absorbent Core.
28, June, 2019

Focus Professional forums. Answer by Lu from Kao's R&D center.

QHow does Kao Group view the development trend of Composite Absorbent Core? Will Kao's Merries baby diaper design try a Composite Absorbent Core?

A: Diaper market is developing rapidly in China, some manufacturers have seized the needs of consumers and developed Composite Absorbent Core Baby Diapers. The Composite Absorbent Core Diaper has the characteristics of no abruption, no lump and ultra-thin. In fact, the performance and protective effects of diapers are multi-faceted, including Raw Materials, design, production, etc., which is a very big challenge for R&D. It is unrealistic to solve all problems by the Absorbent Core alone. How to fully grasp the needs of consumers, and develop products according to the focus of these needs, and then transmit to consumers, this is a big issue facing the R&D department, and it should be done.

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